Inside the scene in 360°

2016 – Inside the scene in 360° by Peanut – The Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’

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The Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’ (featuring Beck)
An Outsider production for Virgin EMI
Directed by Dom&Nic
Choreography by Wayne McGregor
With Sonoya Mizuno

3D Tracking & Rotomation by PEANUT (Peregrine McCafferty, Amélie Guyot, Philippe Medina, Fabrice Di Cicco, Fraser Littlejohn, Tom Pinon)

3D Scanning by EFFICACY 4D (Duncan Lees, Jandira Guasque)

Motion capture for post-vis by TIMEAWARE (Ivo Slivkov)

Main VFX by THE MILL (3D Leads: David Fleet & Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra, 2D Lead: Fergal Hendrick, Rigging: Andreas Graichen)

View it ‘flat’ on Vimeo :


Or in VR here :




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